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Tax Services

We provide integrated tax solutions to enable our clients meet compliance obligations, adjust to regulatory changes and mitigate tax risks.
tax services

Tax Compliance Services

Under our tax compliance services, we assist organisations with the following:

• Preparation and filings of tax returns
• Value Added Tax compliance
• Witholding tax compliance
• Tax Clearance Certificate processing and collection
• Tax audit support
• Tax health check
• Tax dispute resolution

Tax Advisory Services

Under our tax advisory services, we assist
organisations with the following:

• Mergers and acquisitions
• Due diligence
• International structuring
• Compensation restructuring

Personal Income Tax/Payroll Support Services

We assist clients with different aspects of payroll and benefits management through our payroll and tax human resources services. In addition, we have a bespoke Payroll Management System that enables us guarantee the accuracy and quality of payroll reports and related documents.

Below are some of our personal income tax services:

• Filing of Employee & Employer Annual Pay As You
Earn (PAYE) Tax Returns
• Payroll Management
• Employee Compensation & Benefits Restructuring
• Annual Payroll Reconciliation
• Processing Employees’ Tax Clearance Certificates

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